Margret Lackey Offering

The Margaret Lackey Offering for State Missions is the primary funding stream for key mission efforts in many different areas. This offering helps Mississippians reach Mississippi and the world with the gospel. The offering helps position us to fulfill the Great Commission appeal of Acts 1:8.

Our church goal is: $2,500

Our state goal is $2.1 million this year.

Mission Volunteers  $685,000

Central Hills               $405,000

Camp Garaywa           $405,000

Community Ministry $180,000

Church Multiplication  $175,000

Criminal Justice Ministry  $65,000

Disaster Relief                $65,000

Language/Deaf Ministry  $40,000

Cross Cultural Evangelism  $32,000

Christian Women's Job Corp  $25,000

Collegiate Outreach          $12,000

Port Ministry                      $10,000

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